Crooks Corner to Vlakteplaas Ranger station

Starting on the South Africa / Mozambique/ Zimbabwe border this leg is approximately 100 km in length and is walked in six days ending at Vlakteplaas Ranger station. As with all legs you can expect to walk between 15 and 20 kilometres per day.

The emphasis of the trail is not the distance, but the exclusivity of immersing oneself in a personal and unique wilderness journey isolated from the conveniences and complexities of the modern world, exploring the rich natural flora Fauna as well as the cultural diversity of Kruger National Park. We will not be sharing this journey with anyone else, only 80 guests a year walk this route.

A South African National Parks Honorary Rangers initiative, the trail’s theme, “follow in the footsteps of giants”, is a reflection of the rich cultural heritage of Kruger where the history of the hunters and traders of old is still palpable. We will quite literally be walking in the footsteps of the Big 5, however, unlike our hunter predecessors, we will not be shooting animals (other than with camera).

Animal sightings are part of the experience and you share the space not only with big mammals such as lion, elephant, giraffe and buffalo but also with a rich variety of birds, reptiles, insects and smaller species.

The walk is an unsupported backpack trail and all participants must be self-sufficient and carry their own provisions and equipment for the six days. Water is sourced from natural sources such as springs and rivers. Water filtration and purification is a necessity


Overnight spots are selected each night in suitable areas in the bush with no set campsites or ablution facilities. Participants carry their tent for safety at night – your hiking pack must fit inside the tent with you for safety from a hyena. A small fire may occasionally be lit, but it is not used for food preparation.  A no-trace approach is followed, taking care not to impact on the wilderness. Gas Stoves are required.

Groups are guided by two fully qualified and experienced SANParks Ranger trails guides who provide a rich nature experience and accurate information to grow your knowledge. They are armed, but rather rely on their understanding of the animals to avoid danger and negotiate tricky situations. To increase the immersive nature the Rangers are local their forefathers having grown up in the areas. Additionally, guests are hosted by myself and a colleague throughout this journey to oversee your holistic Safari from pick up to drop off.

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