Whilst there may be fires, these are not to be used for cooking – all meals are planned to be prepared over a Gas stove, I have found that three stoves are sufficient to cater for 6 people but such is the nature of this kind of activity that there is scope to share between us, something that is likely to be discovered on our nights coming up. But everyone is responsible for bringing and preparing their own food. An example below but if you’re doing this hike you should be experienced and know what nutritional input: weight ratio balance you need personally.

Porridge Oat so Easy sachets 9
Cup a soups (Potato & Leek/Tomato/Butternut) 18
Couscous Boil in the bag 100gms dry 5
Qunioa In a better sealed container 5
Noodles Ramen noodles – not HOT! 5
Pasta sachets Cook in sauce for 2 6
Tuna Cans 120gms cans or 90gm Sachets 5
Freeze dried meals Country kitchen / Original Raw food Company 6
Salami stick 500gms 2
Sardines cans 120 gms 4
Biltong 1 kg 2
Raisins 100 gms 7
Fruit squares 100 gms 5
Cheese Crackers 1 box 2
Cheese slices Parmalat 200gm   12 slices 4
Game Energy powder sachets 12
Rehidrate sachets 14
Water purifying tablets 1 box 3
Water purifying drops 1 bottle 1
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