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Down South Safaris
Down South Safaris

Presenting Down South Safaris Kruger trail 12 June 2020

This is the ultimate South African wilderness trail!

Distance: 100 km plus, Backpack a 100km+, 6-day length inside the Kruger National Park. This is the first stage of the grand trail, (divided into six 100km legs from Crooks corner in the Northeast to Crocodile River in the Southwest)
The bigger picture: this is the first leg of a 600-kilometre off-trail walk, with two legs completed per year; the trail is completed in three years. If you get onto the first leg you will be prioritised for the remaining legs should you so choose.
Beauty: 5/5

Wildlife: Unprecedented.
Difficulty (fitness): 8/10 (This is a challenging unsupported nature trail owing to the terrain, climate and daily distances involved. Previous experience of multi-day backpacking is essential)
Technical rating of trail: Walking is through the bush, off-trail, either on game trails or simply schlepping through the bush. It includes some river crossings and hills. But in isolation nothing that could be considered challenging compared to mountainous walking. The real challenge, however, is the continuity and lack of a defined path as we are moving through the bush off-trail without a straight path to walk along.

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